The iPHER Difference:


The iPHER, an award winning credit card sized USB device loaded with the patent pending Patient Practitioners™ software. Able to fit in a pocket, purse or wallet with exterior customization branding for any hospital, medical facility, organization or company.  The iPHER keeps CAT scans, Echo Cardiograms, X-rays, prescriptions and so much more in electronic format, able to be seen an used immediately WITHOUT the need for Internet connectivity.

  • Able to link with multiple data sources, in-house or external.
  • Secure immedaite record access WITHOUT Internet requirement
  • Translates medical data into other languages with the click of a button.
  • Secure Internet backup of vital information.
  • Encrypted database
  • Patient centric. Medical records usage built around the individual, not the doctor
  • Patient/Owner can update and maintain their own records. No computer  training required.










Ready for Medical Tourism, the iPHER and Patient Practitioners links to World of Wellness for International care.  Join with us to move heath care into the twenty-first century.